Temperature Control Design

Temperature control specialists – providing OEM designs and solutions over 17 years.

We have been a supplier of TEC temperature control design solutions, controllers and thermal assemblies, for the last 25 years. Our main customer base has been with OEM customers for use in their products. Our temperature control division is highly experienced and can provide the skill and know how for your temperature control application. This is all offered as a friendly and approachable service allowing you the level of partnership needed, whether this is consultancy or as a full product design. Suited to your need, we can provide tailored products, which can if required, provide 0.001 C stability, compactness, low noise, reliability and ease of use.If you are interest then either phone or e-mail us and we will be very happy to discuss your requirement further.

Examples of our work
  • Temperature Stabilisation
    • Temperature controller for a laser product to provide temperature stabilisation to within 0.005°C at 25°C
  • Component Testing
    • Temperature control system to provide stable temperatures for component testing in range from –20°C to +70°C.
  • Material Storage
    • Temperature stabilization chamber for methacrylate cement to store this below its maximum temperature of 24°C.