Peltier Heat Pump

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This temperature control assembly consisting of an integrated, fan, heatsink, TEC and thermal block, can either provide unregulated heat pumping, heating or cooling when used with just a power supply. Or if used with a temperature controller can be temperature stabilized.

Our peltier heat pump is suitable for with any of our range of temperature controllers, TC M, TC LV, these provide a quick and easy way to provide temperature stabilization. Simply connect the power supply and temperature controller. Typical applications are for device temperature testing, temperature stabilization, device cooling and device heating.

By using the peltier effect it can both heat and cool, so an THP unit can effect precise servo-controlled thermal stabilization when used in conjunction with an Electron Dynamics’ programmable temperature controller. These enable accurate temperature control in the range -100 °C to +200 °C with a stability of 0.001 °C in varying ambient conditions. Parameters such as output limits, PID terms, temperature alarms and operating modes can be set up. In addition, advanced features have been included to offer PID autotuning, temperature ramping and cycling.

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Version 1

20W Peltier Heat Pump – 12V operation at 2.4A using a 25 x 25mm 20W Peltier

Version 2

40W Peltier Heat Pump – 12V operation at 4.1A using a 30 x 30mm 40W Peltier

Version 3

80W Peltier Heat Pump – 12V operation at 8.6A using a 40 x 40mm 80W Peltier

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  1. ahinks

    Quality product. It reaches steady state in a very short time.

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