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High current output, variable DC Power Supply

These switch-mode DC regulated power supply are well suited for use in temperature control applications, and provide variable voltage and high current output in a very cost effective package. Constant current limit protection is provided ensuring safe operation.

  • Adjustable o/p
  • Voltage and Current display on LED readout
  • Front terminal provide low current o/p
  • Main o/p terminals are mounted on the back of unit
  • Lightweight and small footprint
  • Overload, over-temperature, short circuit protection
  • Variable speed thermally controlled fan
  • 230 VAC powered
  • Approvals CE-EMC, CE-LVD EN60950, EN55022,
    • 15v25A EN61588
    • 15v40A EN5011
    • ROHS compliant
Version 1

PSUB 15V25A, 3 to 15v, 25A, 220 x 110 x 220mm, 2.7kg

Version 2

PSUB 15V40A, 3 to 15v, 40A, 220 x 110 x 300mm, 3.5kg

Version 3

PSUB 15V60A, 0 to 15v, 60A, 220 x 110 x 360mm, 5.8kg

Version 4

PSUB 30V30A, 1 to 30v 30A 220 x 110 x 360mm, 5.8kg

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  1. ahinks

    Works perfectly.

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