IoT applications ideas


  • Machine:

    IoT - Internet of Things
    Agriculture machine application
    • Automated sensing:
        • Monitor performance
        • Preventive maintenance
        • Monitor lifetime
        • Location
  • Measuring conditions:

    • Sense:
      IoT - Internet of Things
      Agriculture application
      • Water level
      • Moisture
      • Temperature
      • Humidiity
      • Soil condition monitor
      • Crop size / condition

Building security:

Building security application
Building security application
  • Presence detection
  • Lock activation
  • Automatic lighting


City application
City application
  • Informing people (accident, roadworks)
  • Air conditions
  • Pollution condition
  • Smart parking
    • Indicate your target shop and the app will indicate you the closest park and allow you to pay with your phone
  • Street light energy saving
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Smart garbage monitoring
  • Traffic jam avoidance

Fish farm:

  • Water condition control:
    • Increase quality of fishes
    • Increase yield
    • Water leak


  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Water condition monitoring (pH, temperature …) for swimming pool or bathroom
    Home application
    Home application
  • Presence in a room or at the front door, automatic entry or lighting
  • Energy and Water Use
    • Energy and water supply consumption monitoring to obtain advice on how to save cost and resources.
  • Remote Control Appliances
    • Switching on and off remotely appliances to avoid accidents and save energy.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Detection of windows and doors openings and intruder alert
  • Cuisine:
    • Temperature controller
    • Oven remotely monitoring
  • Safety
    • Gas leak
    • Toxic gases
    • Water leak

Industrial control:

  • Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring of toxic gas and oxygen levels inside labs and factories to ensure workers and goods safety.

  • Temperature Monitoring

Control of temperature inside industrial and medical fridges with sensitive merchandise.

  • Maintain & repair

Sensors installed inside equipment will monitor if any parts exceeded their designed thresholds, and will automatically send reports to owners and manufacturers if they have. Early predictions on equipment malfunctions can be made with parts and service / maintenance can be automatically scheduled ahead of an actual part failure.

  • Maintain quality & consistency

Using networked sensors, cameras, and lasers to analyse manufacturing processes, you can determine part quality from its physical characteristics; identify if it is the right component for the job and monitor trends, variations, and relationships in the system over time.


  • Quality of Shipment Conditions
    Logistics application
    Logistics application
    • Monitoring of vibrations, shock, container entry or cold chain environment for insurance purposes.
  • Item Location Search of individual items in big surfaces like warehouses or harbours.
  • Real time inventory
  • Fleet Tracking
    • Control of routes followed for delicate goods like medical drugs, jewels or dangerous merchandises.


Retailer application
  • Medical Fridges
    • Control of thermal conditions for storing vaccines, medicines and organic elements.
  • Patients Surveillance
    • Monitoring of conditions of patients inside hospitals and in old people’s home.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation
    • Measurement of UV sun rays to warn people of excessive exposure.


  • Personalised experience
  • Immersive experience


IoT Internet of Things wearable application
Wearable application
  • Tank level
  • Temperature measurement
  • Predictive use

Wearable technology:

  • Activity tracker
  • Smart watch

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