The last 10 meters

The final hurdle i.e the last 10 meters

the last 10 meters

Removing Barriers to IOT

The last 10 meters ( can combine affordable services and products to overcome the real life limitations that make many IOT projects impractical.

Visibility Enables Management

The Internet Of Things (IOT) can extend visibility and control to objects that have not been designed to be connected to the internet. Whilst most IT equipment is networked, the majority of our existing plant, machinery and infrastructure is not. Many objects have sensors taking frequent readings in order to perform their primary functions. This valuable data is already being collected but is locked in proprietary systems.

Practicality Without Compromise

“” unlocks this data by using a low power WiFi overlay networks that unobtrusively links directly to legacy equipment. Long life battery powered units are easy to install and work independently without affecting the operational integrity or certification of existing systems. To keep you secure, data is encrypted at source and your existing firewalls are maintained. Liberating the information you already collect is achieved with the minimum of cost and disruption to your organisation.

Transforming Data Into Information

Once securely transferred to our IOT cloud foundry hosted by IBM® Bluemix™, information can be produced from a combination of relevant data sources, including those external to your organisation (such as weather data). Dashboards relevant to your business can be displayed on any authorised, connected device, anywhere. Alerts, via email or SMS, can be set up using scripted rules you can set up. Data can be presented to your existing applications using an extensive library of open source connectors. Using the progressive development model, you start to see the benefits soon after installation and can add more features as your needs evolve.

The “” will be online in the coming weeks and more information regarding this will be updated on this blog.


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