Temperature Test

We have over 18 years of Temperature Test experience
From this experience we feel we can understand most temperature test requirements you might have and our products are designed to meet these requirements. For custom requirements. Contact Us.
Typical Application:
  • Temperature controlled mount for Laser diode.
  • Temperature controlled mount for devices.
  • Temperature stabilized chamber for Electronic or Medical purposes.
  • Temperature testing for quality assurance test.
  • Electronic testing i.e.; temperature characteristics testing for ICs, transistors, semiconductor wafers, etc.
  • Optical stabilization i.e.; WDM, DWDM, PPLN, etc.

Main Features:
  • Typical resolution: ± 0.005° C.
  • Temperature range: -50° C to +200° C.
  • Stability.
  • Low noise.
  • Reliability.