TC-Bench (Temperature Control)


Offering 0.01 deg stability and up to 15v 15A output it is an easy to use, versatile package.
Our TC-Bench series of Temperature Controllers bring versatile temperature control to your bench-top or test system. Designed for use with peltier devices which provide accurate temperature control despite ambient conditions, the TC-Bench series can also be used to control DC powered heaters and ovens.

• Temperature control from –100 to 200 deg at up to 0.01 deg stability
• Easy to use LCD screen
• Clear numerical and graphical display
• PID auto-tune, temperature cycling and ramping
• Fuzzy logic control for minima set up
• PWM output, voltage and current limited
• USB 2.0 Control via a graphical user interface

TC Bench offers precise temperature control from –100ºC to 200ºC. TC Bench will offer the ability to cool or heat, and provide stable temperatures with varying ambient conditions at up to 0.01ºC stability. Graphical screen control allows easy access to set-point, output limits, PID terms, temperature alarms and operating modes. The large display gives clear numerical and graphical indication of current operating conditions. Advanced features such as auto-tuning of PID allowing unit to automatically measure optimum setup and settings for temperature cycling and ramping are included.

Support for Fuzzy Logic temperature control provides the ability to change control systems with minimal set up and low overshoot.

The TC-Bench series is programmable from a PC using supplied software, allowing configuration and tuning to meet system requirements. Once programmed, the configuration data is stored internally in the controller allowing seamless standalone operation. The USB 2.0 interface allows the unit to be controlled remotely and be integrated into a larger system, where more sophisticated control is possible.

Supported temperature sensors include PT100, PT1000, LM35, LM50, LM60, LM61, NTC Thermistor and RTD.

The product is available in 3 different types.

  • TC Bench 5A suitable for small applications output 0v to 8v at 5A
  • TC Bench 10A suitable for medium applications output 0v to 12v at 10A
  • TC Bench 15A suitable for large applications output 0v to 15v at 15A

The product will be available in our online store soon.

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