Software Design

Our software expertise is of excellent quality, and can demonstrate good design skills, clarity of content and structure. We also have a wide range of experience of various language and development tools, some of this is below:

software package

  • Firmware C
  • Visual C, C++, Basic
  • Java, Pearl
  • PHP, scripting languages
  • Assembler
  • Labview™
  • Matlab™
  • Realtime Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • PC Applications
  • Linux
  • Control
  • Image Processing

Examples of our work

  • Electron Microscope
    • Working with the company’s current hardware design, which consisted of a supervisory PCB and three slave units providing control functions, the unit needed to provide synchronised control actions as the process required. Communications between the units was via RS232 and the firmware was written in C for PIC and dsPIC.
  • Sensor product
    • This measurement product provided a signal conversion for the sensor’s output and due to the noisy operating environment it required digital filtering to improve its output signal. A solution written in C for PIC was designed.
  • Measurement System
    • The software system designed provided updated test functions for a specialist measurement system, which was written Labview. This required control of air velocity and dust feed. Data was logged from various sensors, and timed control was provided for other outputs.