IoT - Internet of Things

You can only manage things you can see

Product Monitoring,

IoT Internet of Things

Access product data everywhere,

Know immediately if something goes wrong,

Know the right time for maintenance before breakdowns occur,

Access on your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, …

Measure - Real time performance - Better efficiency


Business growth - Anticipate failures – lower costs

What's Internet of Things?

What Electron Dynamics can do for your IoT project?

Here is a simple live temperature dashboard of our lounge room as a very simple example for a remote monitoring system. Please leave the page open for a few seconds(15-20 seconds) to establish live sensor feed connection.

IoT can accelerate your growth and your business performance:

  • Improve efficiency:
Live access data from sensors, instantaneous control to maintain performance and quality. Also it can provide automatic processes to produce alerts, actions, metrics and analysis.
  • Increase revenue:
IoT adds advantages to your product, adding value and desirability. Can provide automatic features, preventative maintenance and predictive ordering. Showing opportunities for growth in revenue and profit.
  • Bring opportunities:
Innovation is vital for future success. Through R&D and IoT companies can find new uses for their products or new ways to deliver their services.

IoT improves safety and reduces risks:

  • Performance requirements:
Companies are using IoT in order to maintain safety. For example, for crane operators, wind and load sensors can be checked for safe conditions.
  • Think about your workers safety:
For work in hazardous areas, closed spaces, restricted areas etc. IoT can provide monitoring of access, dangerous environmental conditions, and unsafe equipment operation.
  • Protect remote access:
You can’t be in one place all the time. IoT offers new ways to protect your equipment, your machines, your factory etc. You can connect alarms, door locks, motion sensors, etc. IoT will protect your goods by monitoring 24/7.

IoT can improve your customer experiences:

  • Personalization:
Companies can now use data to know more about their customers, and to predict customer requirements. For example, if a customer goes in his favorite store, you can propose personalized offer based on his previous purchases.
  • Faster and better:
Real time management will improve delivery. For a supply company, the system allows you to know today’s use to supply restock for tomorrow.
  • Accessible to all:
New products will affect all age ranges. Products will provide health and bio-information examples useful for elderly and infirm people.
  • Available everywhere:
Thanks to Wi-Fi, mobile GSM network, and others;  IoT is available everywhere. We will see its use in our homes, vehicles, workplaces, transport, cities, other areas.

IoT requires:

  • Measurement:
Install a sensor in order to sense something about its surroundings, it might be the temperature, humidity, location, vibration, light levels, proximity, motion or altitude.
  • Connectivity:
Connected to the internet, gives you access, worldwide from PC, phones, tablets.
  • Actionable:
The analysis of the data has to be integrated into the business process. That is the value of IoT, it’s about using it to make better decisions.
  • Attention:
Described as the next disruptive technology.  It will affect all of our lives over the next 10 years.

What Electrondynamics can do for your IoT project:

The internet has always provided a worldwide connection for information and computer systems. Electron Dynamics plans to increase this network by embedding ordinary physical objects, “things” with electronics and connecting them to the internet. This is the main objective of our “Internet of things” solutions.internet-of-things
What the Internet of things will do for you ?
  • Smart access and product control
  • Product can tell you when they need attention need maintenance
  • Provide you continuous access and monitoring worldwide
internet of things blue
What we do ?
  • Connect you and your product together via the Internet
  • Provide electronics and software packages as you need it
  • Set it up to make decisions as you need.
  • Remote sensing and diagnosis
  • Automatic live system maintenance alerts
  • Remote system control
internet of things mobileElectron Dynamics can offer you daily connectivity to you and your products via the internet using a combination of electronics and software packages. This enables you to monitor, receive alerts and remotely control your product using your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Netbook etc.Here is a simple live temperature and humidity dashboard of our lounge room as a very simple example for a remote monitoring system. Please leave the page open for a few seconds(15-20 seconds) to establish live sensor feed connection.Our main goal is to help you get the most from your products by enabling them to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices on the internet.According to the Economist and the IEEE there will be a massive growth in this over the next 5 years when is estimated that there will be an extra 20 billion extra devices. This could be your product. Don’t be left behind.If you need advices for your IoT, please get in touch.
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