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Full Instrument Design Engineering Service

We have competent Instrument Design Engineering skills through a broad experience of instrument, control and signal circuit design gained during our long trading history.
All our instruments are designed and produced with the following promises:

  • Always understand the clients needs
  • Provide consultanty and advice on how to best engineer a solution to your problem
  • Build to the best of our engineering capability and to the specification provided
  • Extensive testing, prototyping and proof of concept
  • Provide support & innovation services for ideas and futher evolving of the product(s)

If you require a bespoke instrument designed for your specific needs, then you can use our service. Often clients come with a product that is out of date and needs simply updating, in which case we can engineer an up dated system for you.
We have worked on many bespoke, precision instruments in the past.

Examples of these are given below.

Heat Sink
  • Opto-Electronic
  • Fibre Alignment Systems
  • Weight Measurement
  • Control, PID
  • Temperature Control
  • Motion Control
  • Distributed networks
  • Precision measurement
  • Vision Analysis

Examples of our work

    1. Multiple dosage system, this used a stepper controller positioning system and a motorised syringe. From the controlling PC the user was able to administer dosage patterns in 3 dimensions as required.
    2. System for measuring attraction forces between large molecules. Using stepper movement and optical positioning the system produced movement and subsequent forces between particles on its stage. Using a highly flexible component as a movement item and measuring its position and bending very accurate force measurements are made in real time. Data of this is recorded describing characteristics and further processed as required

Areas of Instrument design & development include:

  • Measuring
  • Digital
  • Precision
  • Thermal
  • Signal
  • Analytical
  • Laboratory
  • Calibration
  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Pressure

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