Electronic Hardware Design

We have an experienced design team with many years of design work in the electronic hardware design industry. Some idea of our capability is shown in the aspects below.


  • Instrumentation precision to <1μV and <50pA
    Circuitry of a power supply
  • DC to 100MHz
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Sensors PT100, Strain Gauge
  • Control
  • Audio, Class D
  • High Current to 25A, PWM
  • Signal Recovery, PSD & Lock-In

  • Logic, FPGA, VHDL, PLD
    Digital ICs
  • Microprocessors 8 to 32bit
  • PIC, ARM, AVR, PSOC etc
  • Real time, embedded
  • Communications, USB, Ethernet, other

Embedded Systems

As part of our electronics design expertise, we are able to offer efficient and intelligently laid out electronically aware PCB designs. Our experience includes –

  • Surface Mount, Leaded, Flexy
  • Single / Double / Multi-Layered Design
  • Analogue / Digital / Mixed
  • High Density

Examples of our work

  • Water Measurement system: Comprising of a digital and an analogue PCB, this design used an ARM 9 (32 bit RISC) as its CPU which controlled a sophisticated analogue measurement system, providing measurements of pH, resistivity, colour and turbidity of sample. The unit was battery powered and required a demanding design approach to produce the necessary power consumption. The unit also featured multiple communications options Ethernet, Wifi, USB, RS485 and IR.
  • Remote Control RF device: A low power product that initiated an RF controllled process, this could be started either manually or by detecting an audio tone sequence. This unit used digital filtration and low power techniques to get the 4 month battery life required.