PWM output or Linear output I dont think many understand this. PWM provides a low cost basic electronic solution. The controller will not heat very much but does not provide the most efficient peltier drive. The drive voltage is not reduced to a specific voltage Linear is higher cost but has more noise 25 to […]

  The internet provides a worldwide connection for information and computer systems. Electron Dynamics plans to increase this network by embedding ordinary physical objects, “things” with electronics and connecting them to the internet. This is the main objective of our “Internet of things” solutions. What the Internet of things will do for you ? Smart […]

TC-Bench Offering 0.01 deg stability and up to 15v 15A output it is an easy to use, versatile package. Our TC-Bench series of Temperature Controllers bring versatile temperature control to your bench-top or test system. Designed for use with peltier devices which provide accurate temperature control despite ambient conditions, the TC-Bench series can also be […]

Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien, Austria – The research team were developing a novel micro-fluidic device for the fast detection of human pathogenic bacteria. This is crucial for early therapeutic intervention, which is important for a successful treatment of infectious disease. With their developed continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction (PCR) micro-system, processing times of 30 minutes […]

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